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Unleash Your Creativity: Win an Adobe Express License!

Hello, Creative Souls *^_^*

Today, I'm thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for all who breathe, live, and dream in colours and designs. Starting today, I'm launching a month-long contest, and the prize is something that every digital creator need: a FREE Adobe Express License!

What's the Contest About?

Your Personal Creativity Story.

We all have a journey that has shaped our creative selves. Maybe it was the first time you picked up a camera, the moment you realized that design could tell a story, or perhaps a challenge that pushed you to explore your artistic boundaries. I want to hear it all!

How to Enter:

  1. Write Your Story: Share your creative journey in 500 words or less. How did you start? What challenges have you faced, and what keeps you inspired? What did you learn from exploring your creativity?

  2. Submit: Send your story to with the subject line "Creative Journey Contest." Don't forget to include your name and a way to contact you.

  3. Share (Optional): While not required, I’d love for you to share a snippet of your story or an image representing it on social media. Tag @MissRebelCreates on Instagram and use the hashtag #CreativeJourneyContest. I'll re-share every Instagram posts & stories on my art account.

Contest Timeline:

  • Submission Period: January 15, 2024 to February 15, 2024

  • Judging Period: One week following the submission deadline.

  • Winner Announcement: February 22, 2025

What You Win:

The winner will receive a one-year Adobe Express License, unlocking creative possibilities and helping you boost your online engagement by creating stunning templates. :)

Judging Criteria:

I'm looking for authenticity, emotional impact, and a story that resonates and inspires. It's not about professional achievements but personal growth and passion.

Who Can Enter:

This contest is open to anyone with a story to tell, whether you're a hobbyist, a student, or a professional.

Why I'm Doing This?

Creativity is at the heart of what I do and try to promote here and on YouTube, and I believe everyone's story is unique and inspiring. This contest is not just about winning a prize; it's about sharing experiences and fostering a community of like-minded creatives.

I am looking forward to getting inspired by your stories :)

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2 תגובות

חבר/ה לא ידוע/ה
15 בינו׳

Thanx for your great journeys... Art is my favorite


חבר/ה לא ידוע/ה
15 בינו׳

A nice creative contest and a great idea …it can be a great way to express yourself and gain some inner peace too… plus a fantastic software package

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