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Ariel Rebel

Is a self-taught French Canadian multi-media artist now living and working in Zurich, Switzerland, originally from Montreal, Canada.

Her art ranges from performances, photography, and videography to more traditional forms such as acrylic and watercolour paintings, sculptures, and drawings. Additionally, she explores her creativity through recipe development and storytelling.


At the heart of Ariel's work is a commitment to personal growth and maintaining a positive outlook on life's challenges.


Influenced by her life experiences, her art often explores themes of resilience and introspection, aiming to create a meaningful and relatable connection with her audience.


Her art often features a mix of forms, colours, and shapes, through which she explores themes such as hope, love, friendship and spirituality. Nature and sustainability also are important influences in Ariel's practice. She is passionate about recycling and repurposing materials.


When not creating art, Ariel enjoys cooking, spending time in nature, and sharing her experiences and recipes on YouTube; this platform allows her to connect with others while sharing insights into her creative process.


Through creative practices, Ariel Rebel offers a quiet yet poignant reflection on her journey. Each piece encourages viewers to delve into the deeper layers of her work, inviting introspection about the initial emotions evoked by the presentation.

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Follow my creative journey on Youtube through recipes & art

Words from the heart.

Art has always been the essence of who I am.

From my earliest memories, art has been a crucial outlet for self-expression and understanding the whirlwind of emotions within me. It served as a refuge, helping to soothe the confusion and alienation I often felt, standing out as the odd one in many rooms.

My journey in the arts has been far from straightforward.

From a young age, I was drawn to the performing arts, dedicating years to acting, singing, modelling, and theatre. This passion eventually led me behind the camera.


In my early twenties, my adventurous spirit and creative curiosity guided me into the adult industry. There, I found success as an erotic model, becoming one very recognized and celebrated figure in my field, earning numerous awards and nominations.


Despite the obvious challenges one in this line of work may encounter, I found joy and fulfillment in my work.

However, as years went by, a craving for new challenges emerged, prompting me to explore other facets of my creativity that had been dormant or underdeveloped.

It was around 2020 that painting began to shape my evolution profoundly.


Surprisingly, it quickly became a vital part of my identity, a tool for deeper introspection than I had ever known. It opened doors of my subconscious that I had not explored before, and I haven't looked back since. Sculpting is making a humble beginning in my practice, and each new creative day adds a new chapter to my story.

With every new piece, a new version of myself emerges. The saying that art saves lives rings true in my experience; it's a reality I cherish deeply.