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Showcasing my art in Milan: ArtSpaceMilano's RESTART II exhibit.

Montreal, March 2020, marked the beginning of the covid pandemic, the first lockdown and my first real introduction to painting. At the time, it was a naive move, a shot in the dark, on my part that I hoped would help ease the crippling anxiety brought on by the state of the world, which turned out to be one of the best things that could have ever happened to me.

To this day, I can still feel the level of stress and anxiety I felt during those first months of being locked away in my small yet cozy apartment in Montreal, painting from early morning to very late at night. From a bird's eye view, I can see myself sitting on a fluffy pink bench in front of the small white marble table surrounded by a bunch of dollar store canvases and paint.

At that time, I wouldn't have envisioned being so obsessed with painting that it would become an essential part of my soul journey and even less that I would get to sell my art, launch this website and be part of a collective exhibit in Milan.

Today, I'm proud to announce that I'll be part of the collective exhibit RESTART II, which will be happening in Milan with over 40 international emerging artists. This is a dream I didn't know I had. This amazing opportunity absolutely humbles me and sets the tone for an incredible beginning of 2024.

I will be attending the event to launch the exhibit on January 25, 2024, at 6 pm and will present two paintings, Blossoms & Don't Go, about which you can read more about the significance of each painting in this blog post.

Both paintings will be for sale, and you may request to buy them at the gallery or head to my online shop right away to acquire a high-quality print.

If you can make it to Milan for the launch, meeting you would be an honour, and if you can't... don't worry, as I'll be shooting a ton of photos for this blog.

What: RESTART II | Collective Art Exhibit presented by ArtSpaceMilano

Where: Interface HUB, Via Privata Passo Pordoi, 7/3, 20139 Milano MI, Italy

When: January 25 to February 18, 2024

Opening night starts at 6 pm on January 25.

Here's a little more about the work I'll present at the event...


Framed acrylic paint on canvas board

28cm (width) x 35cm (height)

"Blossoms" is an ode to the delicate dance of new beginnings, a visual tribute to life's rhythm and nature's renewal cycle. In this work, the tender unfolding leaves and emerging blooms are not merely botanical representations but symbols of fresh starts and possibilities.

The painting invites viewers to contemplate new life's quiet yet powerful emergence. The gentle curves and flowing lines mirror the natural ease with which life asserts itself, offering a serene meditation on the theme of 'Restart.'

As the exhibition seeks to explore the dynamic moment— when thought translates into action, "Blossoms" reflects the quiet courage it takes to venture into the unknown. It celebrates the subtle yet profound moments of change—from the soft push of a seedling through the earth to the bold decisions that redefine our lives.

This piece invites the viewer on a path of personal reflection, suggesting that the seed of a new beginning is within each end.

Just as nature instinctively knows when to let go and when to grow, "Blossoms" encourages us to embrace our own cycles of ending and beginning with grace and anticipation.

Don't Go

Acrylic paint on wooden canvas

30.5cm (width) x 23cm (height) x 2cm (depth)

In the painting "Don't Go," I present a visual narrative of the struggle inherent in the act of beginning anew. This piece displays the dynamic nature of new beginnings—moments that compel us to act and embrace transformation and the prospect of constructing a new self.

The work depicts two characters, mirrored yet separate, representing the duality of our inner selves—the ego that clings to the familiar and the spirit that yearns for change. These solid outlines are set against a canvas of chaotic brushstrokes, conveying the emotional turbulence and resistance often accompanying a significant life transition.

The flowing hair of the figures suggests a movement towards change despite the ego's plea, 'Don't Go.' This tension is the core of the painting—a silent conversation between the part of us that resists and the part of us that is irresistibly drawn towards a new horizon.

This piece is an intimate reflection on personal rebirth. It also aims to inspire hope, reinforcing the potential for renewal and growth that lies in the choice to move forward.

"Don't Go" is a testament to the courage required to let go of the past despite the fear and sadness it may trigger. It invites the audience to ponder their own beginnings—to acknowledge the fear of leaving something behind while recognizing the beauty and strength in the act of starting anew.

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Unknown member
Feb 09

So very happy your work is being shown in Milan so more people can see your creativity.


Unknown member
Jan 11

I'm happy for you. I hope you have much success in this and all your projects! I'm sure it will be a great experience. Thank you very much for sharing your art and your experiences with us. Greetings from Mexico!


Unknown member
Jan 11

Bonjour Ariel

J'espère que tu pourras faire un petit reportage de ton exposition. Je serai de tout cœur avec toi en espérant que tu y rencontreras le succès que tu mérites 😘


Unknown member
Jan 05

The “Don’t Go” painting sort of represents your big move from your home town Montreal to you new home in Switzerland leaving behind lifelong friends for new exciting adventures in Europe and new friends and new personal grow…again I am so proud and super happy for you sweet Ariel 🥰🦄✨🤗🥳


Unknown member
Jan 05

How beautiful Ariel, when the storm is blowing and we hear it outside, we know we are alive, I'm so touched...I remember driving at the time,with so many questions of where are we as a human race and where are we going??

Love it!!!

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