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Upcoming collective exhibition in Milan | ARTeMida Experience at the CMC gallery.

I can't believe this will be my third time in Milan this year. Feeling so blessed.

At this point, I've walked a nice part of the city, eaten an almost shameful amount of croissants with pistachio cream (can you really have too many tho???), and found a few neighbourhood gems where I'll try to stop at least once during each stay. It humbles me a lot to think about the wonderful opportunities the universe presented this year, and I'm already starting to look back on how I handled them, what I could improve, and what all this taught me.

Without taking up more of your time, my art will be at CMC gallery for a week for the ArteMida experience exhibition, which features about 70 artists worldwide!

If you happen to be in Milan at the beginning of May, I hope you'll get to enjoy the exhibit,

What? ArteMida Experience, collective art exhibition

When? May 7 to 18, 2024 | Milan, Italy

Where? CMC gallery | Centro Culturale Milano -> Largo Corsia dei Servi, 4, 20122 Milan MI, Italy


Acrylic paint on wrapped canvas | 51cm X 41cm

"Roads" is about the many different paths life offers us.

If we think about the roads we travel on, literally and spiritually, some paths will take us in circles, while others will lead us to new places. Some will become intertwined, while others will take opposite directions. Our human experience is about keeping going and trusting that we will arrive at the right destination.

"Roads" hopes to focus the viewers' attention on those moments, those choices we make without overthinking but by using our emotional intelligence as they all come together to take us somewhere new. It's an abstract painting about trusting the process and the fact that many different roads can lead us to our desired destination while others will keep us trapped in a loop.

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5 則留言

Roads,the arteries of life.. 😊



Beautiful and thought provoking. I love how the "roads" intertwine and flow, each separate ,yet connected to the others.


Coucou Ariel quel bonheur ! Je suis trop heureux pour toi 😀

Enfin tu vas pouvoir tourner une page, j'espère que tu pourras enfin pouvoir payer ton loyer grâce à tes créations 🥰


This is so much “you”as you are traveling many roads to get to the next creation or concoction. Drink it all in and enjoy! ☺️


Congratulations a well deserved honor, you are an amazingly creative artist 🎨👩‍🎨🥰✨✨💜🥳

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