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10 Ways to Show Appreciation and Support for Your Favorite Creators Without Spending a Dime.

We all get there. Despite our best efforts, it's not always possible to support our favourite content creators because inflation is real, and most people find it increasingly difficult to allocate funds for entertainment and support.

However, financial contributions aren't the only way to show appreciation for the creator you've been watching.

Here are ten impactful ways to support and show love to your favourite creators without spending money:

  1. Engage in Pertinent Discussion and Ask Questions Related to Their Field: Show your interest by starting discussions about what they present or might be into and asking insightful questions. Remember to respect their time and avoid bombarding them with daily messages, as it gets extremely overwhelming for one person. Life is all about balance.

  2. Subscribe to Their Newsletter: Newsletters are a direct line of communication between creators and their audience. Subscribing shows your interest in their work and can help boost their subscription numbers, which is a positive metric for them.

  3. Repost Their Content to Your Platforms: Sharing their content on your social media platforms can introduce their work to a new audience. It's a simple yet effective way to increase their visibility.

  4. Talk About Their Content in Your Circles: Word-of-mouth recommendations can be incredibly valuable. Discussing a creator's work in your personal and online circles can pique interest and draw new followers to them.

  5. Link Them in Posts Where You Think They Could Shine and Gain New Followers: If you come across discussions or posts asking for recommendations, linking to your favourite creators can help them gain exposure and new followers.

  6. Credit Them When Sharing Their Work: This should be obvious but isn't. Always credit the creator when you share their work with others. This respects their copyright and ensures they receive recognition for their efforts.

  7. Leave Positive Feedback: Thanks to the algorithm gods, comments, likes, and reviews can boost the creator's morale but definitely improve their visibility on various platforms, so don't hesitate to throw a little "like" from time to time.

  8. Attend Their Free Events or Webinars: Your presence at an event shows support and interest, which can be encouraging for creators. It also helps increase the event's visibility and engagement.

  9. Offer Your Skills or Expertise: If you possess skills that could benefit the creator, consider offering your help if you have extra time on your hands. This can be especially valuable for those who might not have the means to hire professionals.

  10. Encourage Them During Hard Times: A simple message of encouragement often goes a long way. It demonstrates that their work is appreciated and that they have a supportive community behind them.

Voilà! you can see, supporting your favourite content creators doesn't always involve spending money. By engaging with their work, sharing it with others, and offering your support in some ways, you can make a significant impact and help them continue to produce the content you love because, after all, kindness goes a long way.

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I follow you because I love your art food and your beautiful to me Ariel Rebel


a simple hello, I follow you on social networks and you have a refreshing presence, that's all


Very nice way to wrap it all up with what can help creators with their content and work. You are doing great and evolving daily. I will promote whenever I can! You are very “like”-able! 😊




Thank you sweet Ariel As you know I fully support your creative journey in any way I can … this was a very informative blog …you always write amazing blogs 🤩✨✨🌈

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