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Creative motivation: David Choe | The secret to my creativity and motivation.

Feeling a bit down or stuck in a creative rut? You're not alone.

Like many, I've found myself turning to the internet for a boost of motivation or a spark of inspiration, especially during those tough days that seem to stretch on forever. This habit became even more of a lifeline for me during the first lockdowns of the pandemic.

On days when "fake it until you make it" felt like an impossible mantra, a good motivational quote or video often made all the difference.

Imposter syndrome is something a lot of creative folks wrestle with. It's that nagging feeling of not being good enough, even when you're giving it your best. Thankfully, the internet is like a giant, comforting hug full of inspiring stories, videos, and quotes that remind us we're not alone in our struggles.

Occasionally, I find a gem that lifts my spirits and pushes those doubts to the back of my mind, and today, I want to share one of those gems with you. It's a video by David Choe that talks about where he finds his creativity and motivation.

It's fun and uplifting, and it might just be what you need to hear today. Enjoy!

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Very good points! This is something that can be bookmarked and come back to when you are “in a spot”. Always be positive!


Hey your beautiful inside and out ...thanks


Great inspirational video, thank you for sharing it with us…great feelings today🙏🙏🦄🥰✨💜

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