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Turkish landscapes | Inspirations

In 2022, I had the opportunity of landing in Turkey.

On a trip that was initially meant to last a month, which I extended for an extra three months, I ended up finding myself walking through the ruins of Ephesus and taking in all the beautiful landscapes of the Turkish east coast from İstanbul to İzmir, Datça, Bodrum, Gümüşlük and so on...

The magnificent sceneries, breathtaking sunsets and sunrises have indelibly affected my soul in the most positive way. It is truly a wonderful piece of earth worth seeing once in a lifetime, and I feel incredibly grateful to have had the chance to capture as much of this magical place as possible.

I hope these images brighten your day and inspire you. May they be a beacon of hope for the beauty left in this world. When all is gloomy outside, I hope you remember that beautiful, magical places like these exist.

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