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From Montreal🇨🇦 to Zürich🇨🇭

I can still feel the sun peeking through the side window of my last apartment in Montreal and I can still hear the sounds of the busy St-Laurent street just below.

On weekdays, kids play in the schoolyard on St-Dominique, and on warm summer weekends, I can catch a glimpse of a few drunk conversations happening outside the bars.

People are laughing. Music is playing, and there's this wonderful ambiance floating in the air.

Montreal is a very festive and happy place.

When I close my eyes, I can still feel myself sitting on that huge gray couch, brush in hand, painting my dreams of a distant future far from this beloved land.

"Why would I want to leave this vibrant city with all these amazing people?" my inner voice would often echo, wrestling with the idea of abandoning everything familiar.

Let's face it: Montreal was more than just a home; it was a part of me. Its streets saw me cry, laugh and fall in love. After all, it's where I grew up, made my first mistakes and had my first victories. It left an indelible mark on my soul, and I feel so lucky to have had the chance to grow up in such a wonderful and creative environment.

Yet, nestled in this cozy nook, my mind would often wander. What else is out there?

Then, the big jump happened in 2023, and as you can read from the title, I landed in Zurich, Switzerland.

I won't lie; writing this from my new vantage point feels surreal, but here I am in Switzerland, and I call the city of Zurich my home... at least for now.

In all honestly, my soul craved majestic mountains and crystal-clear lakes and last year, I officially stepped into what feels like an alternate universe, far away from the life I once envisioned for myself on the other side of the Atlantic.

This new timeline is where I hope to discover more about the world and myself, be inspired to create, and think outside the box. It's going to be a new timeline with many challenges and, hopefully, many rewards.

Will I ever go back to Montreal? Maybe. Maybe not. I prefer to put this question on the back burner, at least for now, and focus on discovering more about this new environment and all that can be accomplished.

As I embrace my new life in Europe, I often reflect on this past version of myself.

The girl who deemed such dreams unattainable and who preferred the comfort of daydreams over the daunting yet exciting reality of a less travelled path.

Two years ago, I stood at a crossroads, and despite the protests of my pragmatic self, I had to listen to my soul, which was yearning for something new.

At some point, you must ask yourself: Do we stay anchored or dare to disrupt the status quo?

So, despite the fears and doubts, I embarked on this unknown journey driven by a strong belief that I'd find my footing no matter where I landed.

I'm not saying it was or is easy. Far from it, but it was and is worth it.

All this taught me that sometimes, the greatest adventures lie just beyond our comfort zone and that we shouldn't stop ourselves from pursuing something we really want just because we're a little scared.

Sounds easier said than done? I know.

If that can be of any help... In times of doubt and anxiety, I remind myself that the present moment is our canvas and ask: How do I see my future? What steps could I take today toward this goal?

That said, I also remind myself that nothing is permanent and that detours are absolutely okay; like fresh paint on a canvas, correcting course is always possible when less desired outcomes are manifesting.

In the end, I'm just doing the best I can and that's absolutely okay.

Overall, it may be essential to learn this dance of desire and discomfort, as it tests how far we can stretch our discomfort and tap into our perseverance and adaptivity to reach our dreams and goals.

I don't know where my story is heading, but I'm looking forward to discovering it.

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Apr 05

Very inspirational, insightful, and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing this adventure and your thoughts with us! You are indeed a special woman.


Wow love reading these flowing blogs... Watching y

ou do what you want is the coolest thing.. I remember learning who you really were and I always wanted to say thank you and am very happy to know you ☺️☺️☺️.


Apr 04

I loved this mornings read. I wish you so much good fortune in your new adventures. You have a wonderful opportunity to see and experience so much beauty in nature there in Switzerland and in Europe. I hope you have such wonderful experiences.


Jim Haley
Jim Haley
Apr 04

Hi Ariel, I wish you the very best in your journey through life. You have a strong vision of what you want out of life and you will find it I am sure. Be good be safe


The Zurich of many faces, I've known it for ages. I don't think I'd want to live anywhere else. Born here, then a few years in the US (NY) and back here again… I think that everyone's horizons are broader here in Europe than elsewhere, with many different countries close together. What more could you want? 😎

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