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Textured flowers & finger painting.

I consider myself a newbie to the painting world. With that in mind, it's essential to challenge my creativity with new techniques that might expand my knowledge of the craft, but that can also serve as a possible way to affirm my art style further and most likely influence it.

It's like anything else in life! If we don't push our boundaries and get out of our comfort zone, how can we know what we like and dislike and our skills level in the said discipline?

In this series of small acrylic paintings on board canvases, I go back in time to explore the finger painting technique with high-viscosity acrylic paint and try a free-flowing style inspired by nature. I love the process of making these, from the free and non-judgmental mindset to the texture of the paint on my fingers. I am very much looking forward to trying this technique on a bigger size canvas and continuing to experiment with different textures and viscosity of paint for different finishes.

These will go on sale on my Etsy shop around the end of the summer, along with bigger canvases painted in the same style.

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