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Site launch!

The magic of the beginnings.

That sweet and exciting energy that floats around the launch of a new project is always worth noticing and appreciating.

If you're reading this, thank you so much for passing by my art site, where I'll share my latest creative work, what I'm currently working on and what inspires me. Together, I hope to start a friendly, creative community where we can exchange ideas and inspiration.

This is my first blog article on this brand-new exciting project that's been in the works for quite some time. Finally, instead of spreading my work through various social media accounts, I'll have an official home where it will be easier to share these artistic endeavours.

With that said, my presence on social media will remain the same, and I would like to take a minute to list, once again, all my official and only social media accounts to avoid any further confusion. As many of you already know (or not), there are thousands of fake accounts using my personal images, photography work and artwork to scam people. They use different names, or sometimes, for lack of creativity, they use my name. It's heartbreaking to witness such situations, as it makes me feel so powerless. Big companies like Twitter, Instagram/Facebook don't care about removing most of these fake accounts despite my constant reporting.

Without further due, here's a list of all my social media accounts. If you happen to see other profiles that aren't listed below and that pretend to be me and use/resell my artwork, please block and report it. (photography - may have NSFW content displayed)

Bluesky ->

Youtube ->

*I DO NOT NOT HAVE FACEBOOK PROFILE. I only run the pages listed.

*I NEVER send friend requests or random private messages on any platform. Any of my profiles and pages will never solicit you.

*I do NOT chat with people. Therefore, I am not on chatting platforms like WhatsApp, GoogleChat, Hangouts, Telegram etc...

*I do NOT have anyone else managing my social media accounts.

*I do NOT have a twin sister.

*I do NOT have an assistant.

*I do NOT have a backup or personal accounts on any platforms.

*I do NOT ask for money or gift cards.

Please report and block any accounts not listed above, as they are fake.


Thank you so much again for taking the time to pass by my art site :) I hope to host you again and that my creativity will inspire you to be creative in your own life.

Sending hugs <3

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